How to change demo?

After purchasing The Fox theme, you can switch between the demos. However, please understand it correctly before you switch the demo.

It doesn’t work like your phone wall paper or desktop background that you can change by single-click. A website is a combination of many things: settings, colors, fonts, images, content.. and all of those things let you feel like it’s another demo. Changing demo means you have to remove previous content, settings, fonts.. and use new content, settings, fonts.. It’s the same as destroying an existing house and then build a new one in the same land there.

Hence to switch the demo, there’s 2 steps:

Step 1: Reset your site to blank state, ie. no content at all. It’s like a fresh WordPress installation. You can use this plugin to reset it. We don’t recommend you to do so if your site has content because it’ll delete all of your site content and you can’t recover after that. So PLEASE USE THIS ONLY IF YOUR SITE IS NEW.

Step 2: Install Fox theme, necessary plugins.. like from beginning then go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Import Demo Content then import the data like from beginning.

What if my site has existing content?

You can still use WP Reset plugin, however PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Go to WP Reset > Tools > Reset Theme Options. And only reset Theme Options instead of other things.

After finishing, you can go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Import Demo data to import it like from beginning.

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