FOX Block explained

This article explains how FOX Block works and how to use it to build header, footer, off-canvas menu as well as any pop-up.

FOX Blocks are used for purposes:

What is FOX Block and why we need it?

FOX Block is a piece of content that you can use it in different area in The Fox theme like use it as site header instead of the default header. You can use it as site footer instead of the default foooter.. But why is it helpful? Because you can use Elementor to create/edit FOX Block and while you can’t use Elementor to edit your header, footer. So to have more creative headers, footers and adjust layout, add/remove elements as you want, you create a new FOX Block with Elementor then go to Customizer > Header or Customizer > Footer to choose that block to be your header.

You can understand concept of FOX Block in 3 pictures below:

First, here’s how it looks to create a new FOX Block
When you edit the FOX Block “Header” in Elementor, it looks like this
Then after that, you can choose your header in Customizer > Header > General. Your FOX Block “Header” appears there. If you have 3 header blocks, it’ll show up 3 header blocks there to choose from. You can assign different headers for different pages.

It works in the same principle for other uses (Footer, Single Template, Archive Template, Off-canvas menu..). The principle is: You create a FOX Block for that purpose, edit it with Elementor, then you can choose it when you need it. For instance, you want to build a custom footer as you want instead of using default theme Footer, then you can create a FOX Block named My Footer, edit it with Elementor, then go to Custoizer > Footer to choose it as your footer. It’ll be used for many purposes listed below but that’s the underlying concept. Once you’re familiar with the concept, you’ll see how powerful it is.

Note that the only purpose of each FOX Block is to be used in other parts (like header, footer..). It has no purpose for itself. And its power comes from the fact that it can be edited by Elementor (drag drop element, relayout, mobile show/hide elements..).

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