Using FOX Block to build custom archive template

Archive page is something like category page, author page, tag page.. Normally, it’s archive header > archive content with or without sidebar. However, sometimes you want to adjust padding, margin, order, font face/size, color, background of things and there’s no way to do that because in a theme, we haven’t reached to the point that you can control every little details like that.

However, good news is FOX Block could solve this problem: It allows you to use FOX Block to build an archive template to display your category, tag.. pages as the way you want completely.

Here’s how it works briefly:

Step 1: Create new FOX Block in Dashboard > FOX Blocks > Add New and don’t forget to choose the purpose of this Block as “Archive”.

Step 2: Edit this block in Elementor. There you’ll see elements in Archive section for building archive template like: Archive title. To add archive posts, you can choose any layout FOX List, FOX Grid.. or any layout you want to. Then in the query source section, you can choose it to be Archive posts.

Step 3: Go to Customize > Blog/Archive > Archive Layout Type > choose “Builder” then select the block you have just built.

Now all your archive pages will be displayed in this layout. You have options for category template, tag template, author template.. differently.

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