Using FOX Block to build custom footer

Here’s step-by-step guide to build a custom footer from FOX Block.

Step 1: Install Elementor and FOX Framework plugin. Please make sure you have installed and activate those plugins. FOX Block only show up and works well if those two plugins are installed and activated. If you haven’t installed them, please go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugins to install them.

Step 2: Go to Dashboard > FOX Blocks > Add New to create a new Block. You can name it “My Footer”. It doesn’t matter. In the setting “This Block is being used for:”, choose “Footer”. It’s important, don’t forget it. Then hit “Publish”.

Step 3: Hit “Edit with Elementor” then you can start edit your own Footer with Elementor. Here you’re free to create your own footer as you want to. Use your own Elementor skill to add logo (FOX Logo element), menu (FOX Navigation element), button (FOX button element), text.. so on.

However, to save time and effort, you can use FOX predefined templates for footer. Assume we have editted the footer, hit “Update” to save your block. Now it’s ready to use.

You can click here to use Fox predefined templates for Footer
Then this will show up to choose

Step 4: Go to Customize > Footer > General, choose “Footer Engine” to be “Footer Builder by Elementor“. Then choose your Global Footer Template as “My Footer”. Then hit “Publish” to save the option. Now your site header displays your FOX Block “My Footer”. And when you need to adjust anything of your header, go to Dashboard > FOX Blocks > edit My Footer with Elementor.

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