Using FOX Block to build custom single template

In The Fox theme, you have 6 predefined single post layouts to choose from. They either display thumbnail first, then header or title first, thumbnail, sidebar.. You have a few options to change order of things. However, with FOX Block, you can rebuild your single post template completely, then all your posts will be displayed as the template you have built.

Here’s how it works briefly:

Step 1: Create new FOX Block in Dashboard > FOX Blocks > Add New and don’t forget to choose the purpose of this Block as “Single Post”.

Step 2: Edit this block in Elementor. There you’ll see elements in Single Post section for building single template like: Post title, Post Content, Post Comment, Post Author.. Please use your Elementor skill here.

Step 3: Go to Customize > Single > General > Single Post Layout Type > choose “Builder” then select the block you have just built.

Now all your single posts will be displayed in this layout.

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