General options for pages can be found in Customize > Pages.

Page Layout: There are 6 page layouts. It’s the same as post layouts. You can learn more about those layouts in article about posts.

Page Sidebar: Left, right or no sidebar. Please note that Pages have their own sidebar that’s different from blog sidebar. To add widgets into page sidebar, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Page Sidebar.

Thumbnail stretch: By default, thumbnail width is equal to content width. There’re 2 levels of stretching: wide or fullwidth.

Content width: Same as single post content width, narrow content is 660px in width.

Stretch All Content Images: You can stretch each image to wider than content or fullwidth. By using this option, you force all images to be stretched.

Page Text Column Layout: 1 or 2 columns. You can see example of 1 column or 2 column text.

Drop cap? To enable first letter drop cap all pages. Note that you can enable drop cap for each post, each paragraph.

Display share icons on page? Obvious

Comment Area all pages? Obvious

Exclude pages from your site search result? If you enable this, your pages won’t appear in the search result of your site (not Google search result)

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