Single Post

Single Posts are your WordPress posts in single view like this, not in blog stream.

For single posts, there are 2 types of settings:

  • Global settings that apply to all posts, you can find them in Customize > Single Post
  • Local settings that apply to each individual post, you can find them below your post editor when editing your post.

How it works?

I’ll take an example to explain how it works. Say there’s an option namely “Sidebar state” that decides the post sidebar is on the right, left or disabled.

  • Global setting: Right / Left / No Sidebar
  • Local setting: Default / Right / Left / No Sidebar

If you choose Right, Left or No Sidebar in local settings, your post will obey that setting. Otherwise, you leave it as default setting, it’ll take the option from global settings.

Post Layouts


There are 6 post layouts to choose from. The layout 4 & 5 are called Hero posts because they have Big Hero Image in the header. Layout 4 has fullscreen header image so it’s called Hero Full. Layout 5 is called Hero Half.

Here’s example of those post layouts:

Layout 1 >> | Layout 1b >> | Layout 2 >> | Layout 3 >>| Hero Full >> | Hero Half >>

Post layout global setting: Customize > Single Post > Single Post Layout

Post layout local setting: Post Settings > General tab

Post Sidebar

There’re 3 states:

  • Sidebar right
  • Sidebar left
  • No sidebar

Global sidebar setting: Customize > Single Post > Single Post Layout

Local sidebar settings: Post Settings > General tab.

Sticky sidebar can only being set globally in Customize > Design > Site Layout.

Sidebar Replacement: For each single post, you can replace the main sidebar by any custom sidebar for your own purpose.

  1. First, you must create a custom sidebar in Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Sidebar Manager.
  2. Then go to your Post Settings > Sidebar Replacement tab, you’ll see all available sidebars to replace

Single Post Components

A single post consists of:

  • Meta Date
  • Meta Category
  • Meta Author
  • Author avatar
  • Meta comment link
  • Meta Reading Time
  • Meta view count
  • Title area
  • Thumbnail
  • Share icon
  • Tags
  • Related Posts
  • Author Box
  • Comment Area
  • Post Navigation
  • Bottom Posts
  • Sliding-up Box

You can enable/disable any among those components in Customize > Single Post > Single Post Layout > Show/Hide Components.

For local setting, go to Post Settings > Components tab.

Post Header

The post header consists of the post title, post meta (category, author, date..) and post subtitle. To customize post header section, go to Customize > Single Post > Post Header.

To show/hide components of the post header, go to Customize > Single Post > Post Layouts as mentioned above.

Post Header Elements Order: Obvious

Post Header Alignment: Obvious

Post Header Border: Obvious

Post Header Border Color: Obvious

Single Post Title: You can change the single post title font face, size, color..

Single Post Subtitle: To enter post subtitle, go to Post Settings > General > Subtitle. In Customizer, you can change subtitle font face, size, color..

Post Thumbnail

Post Thumbnail is also called Featured Image. If you’re new to WordPress, here’s how to set featured image for a post >>.

To show/hide post thumbnail globally, go to Customize > Single Post > Post Layouts > Show/Hide Components.

To show/hide post thumbnail locally for some post, go to Post Settings > Components tab.

Thumbnail stretch: Normally, thumbnail width equals to content width. There’re 2 levels of stretching thumbnail: Wide (a little bit bigger than content) and Fullwidth (to edge of screen).

Thumbnail stretch option global: Customize > Single Post > Post Content > Thumbnail stretch.

Thumbnail stretch option local: Post Settings > General tab.

Thumbnail Caption: You can set the caption for your post thumbnail when you edit the thumbnail, just enter the caption field. There’s no save button, it’ll be saved automatically without hitting any button.

You can change the caption design in Customize > Design > Image Caption.

Video or Gallery Thumbnail: When you use post format, it replaces your image thumbnail by video or gallery thumbnail. See the post format section below.

Post Content

The post content has few problems you may concern:

Content width

By default, content width is full. However, current trend for single post content width is now narrow (as you can see this design trend in many sites like NyTimes, Medium, Elle..) so Fox has option to display content with to be full or narrow.

Narrow content width is 660px in width. With narrow content width, you can stretch your photos to wide or fullscreen. For instance, this post has narrow content width and an image stretched wider than the content width.

You can set content width and image stretch in:

Global setting: Customize > Single Post > Post Content > Content width

Local setting: Post Settings > Miscellaneous tab.

Image stretch

There’re 2 levels of stretching: wide and fullwidth. To strech an image, please click to align icon in your editor and select “Wide width” or “Full width”.

I don’t recommend following setting, but if you want to set all images in your post to be wide or fullwidth, please use the option Image Stretch:

Global: Customize > Single Post > Post Content > Stretch All Content Images

Local: Post Settings > Miscellaneous > Content image stretch

Text Column

There are 2 options for text column: 1-column and 2-column.

Global: Customize > Single Post > Post Content > Text Column.

Local: Post Settings > Miscellaneous > Single Text Column.

Drop cap

There are 2 ways to set drop cap:

  1. To enable post drop cap in Customize > Single Post > Post Content. By this way, you’ll have drop cap letter automatically for first paragraph of your post. But only that first paragraph. And it’ll set for all posts unless you disable it Post Settings of that post.
  2. Using Drop cap feature of Gutenberg editor for your paragraph. By this way, you must enable it manually, however it gives you flexibilty and you can also set it for many paragraphs in a post.

To change drop font, please go to Customize > Design > Drop cap.

Post Content Font

You can change post content font face, size.. in Customize > Single Post > Post Content.

Share icons

Please go to Customize > Single Post > Social Share to customize your share icons.

Icons: List of available share icons. Note that Instagram doesn’t have a share icon. That’s why Instagram is missing in the list.

Share Positions: Check the positions you want to display the share icons. Note that the side position is only available for full-width post content. Ie. the combination narrow post content + side-share doesn’t work.

Icon style: Default or design your self.

Note: If you want to change the share label, please go to Customize > Quick Translation.

Related Posts

Please go to Customize > Single Post > Related Posts to customize your related posts. Note that, even it’s named “related posts” but you can display posts from other sources.

Number: Number of posts to show.

Related posts source: It can be posts having same tags (default), category, author, latest posts or featured posts.

Order by? Order of those posts

Order: Descending or Ascending.

Layout: Choose among grid 2 cols – grid 4 cols, or list layout.

Related heading: You can change the title “You might be interested in” in Customize > Quick Translation.

Position: By default, related posts lie after post content and along with the sidebar. If you choose “After content + sidebar” then it’ll be moved to bottom of the post, after all content, sidebar and author box.

Not only the positon, by moving the related posts area to the bottom you widen its width to container width.

Author box

To customize Author box, please go to Customize > Single Post > Author Box

To set/change author avatar, description or social profile, please go to edit your profile in Dashboard > Users > Your Profile.

Post Format

Fox supports 4 post formats: Video, Gallery, Audio and Link.

To use post format, please

  1. Scroll to Post Settings area below the editor of your post while editing.
  2. Click to Format Options tab and select your needed format.

Reading Progress

To enable/disable single post reading progress, go to Customize > Single Post > Reading Progress.

Sponsored Post

Fox supports sponsored post. To set up a Sponsor, please:

  1. Scroll to Post Settings area below the editor of your post while editing.
  2. Click to tab Sponsor and enter necessary information of your sponsor.

Live Post

Since 4.3, Fox supports live post. Live post is a feature similar to nytimes, BBC, CNN. It’s being used for live events like a match, sport event, an outbreak.. Instead of displaying the post date, it’ll display a red “Live” text with the last time the post being updated. View example >>

That live label will appear in both single post and on the homepage.

To turn a post into a live post, simple go to Post Settings > General tab and check to LIVE Post.

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