Import Demo Data

One-Click Import Demo

The Fox theme comes with One-click import demo option. You can just click to “Import” button and wait for a few minutes to import demo data. Learn more here at this section.

Import Demo Data Manually

Sometimes the one-click import demo doesn’t work as expected. This often happens due to your hosting configuration and security that refuses connection to our demo server to pull data. In that case, please open a support ticket to let us know, or import the demo data manually as following.

In this guide, I assume that you want to import Times III demo. For other demos, please do the same way.

Step 1: Install necessary plugins

Please go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugins to install necessary plugins there. Depending on the demo, you’ll need different plugins. However, generally you’ll need:

  • Elementor and FOX Framework plugin if the demo is Elementor based.
  • WooCommerce if your demo has a shop and you wish to have a shop. If you don’t need a shop for your site, please skip this.
  • Contact form 7, Mailchimp for WP are often necessary. But if you don’t need any subscribe form, you can skip Mailchimp for WP plugin.
  • Instagram Feed plugin if you need an Instagram feed on your site.

Step 2: Download *xml demo file

Here’s the list of all *xml demo files:

[demo_files type=”xml” /]

Step 3: Import xml file

Go go Dashboard > Tools > Import > WordPress – Run Importer. Then upload your *xml you have just chosen in Step 1.

Choose Run Importer of WordPress
Hit “Upload file and import”
Check to “Download and import file attachments” then Submit. Wait for 5 minutes for the system to pull the content.

After finishing the importing process, It looks like this.

Step 4: Download the Customizer *dat file

Here’s the list of all *dat files. This is the theme customization file to make your site style same as demo. Please download the one corresponding to your demo you want.

[demo_files type=”dat” /]

Step 5: Install Customizer Export/Import plugin

Please install this plugin. You can download it then go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New to install it as any other normal plugins.

Step 6: Import Customizer file

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Export/Import section.

There you’ll see an option to upload *dat file you have downloaded in Step 4. Upload the file, check to “Download and import image files?” then start importing the customizer file.

Step 7: Update homepage and blog page settings

If you go to your front page and It doesn’t look like you expected, please go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading to choose the correct things there.

For instance, the Times III demo requires you to display front page as a static page (the page named “Home”).

Step 8: Download *wie files for widgets

Here’s the list of all *wie files. Please download the corresponding file to your demo you want to import.

[demo_files type=”wie” /]

Step 9: Install Widget Importer & Exporter plugin

Please download and install this plugin as any normal plugin.

Step 10: Import the widgets

This step is not much important so if It’s failed at this step, you can ignore it.

Go to Dashboard > Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter > choose the file you have downloaded in step 8 and start importing the widgets.

Now you have finishing the import demo data process. You can start editing your site now.

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