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Elementor Page Builder

If you are an Elementor’s fan, The Fox integrates Elementor deeply with 20 Elementor addon elements to build versatile blog / news layouts. Each element comes with comprehensive font, color, layout.. settings that you can adjust anything in your block.

Also The Fox offers Header and Footer builder using Elementor so that you have total control on your header and footer look.

The Fox Elementor

The Fox - Elementor Addons

The Fox includes a large library of elements specified to build custom layouts within the theme. This element library will be extended to make the theme more and more powerful.

The Fox Elementor Addons

100 Options Each Addon

It’s not only about number of addons you get. Each addon element consists of a vast number of detailed and helpful options to control your website as you want it to be: Layout, border, thumbnails, text, title, meta, excerpt, author, font face, size, color.. everything pixel in that block.

Rich Query Options

There is a common query mechanism set for each addon block that allows you to query posts as the way you want: By each category or combination of them, tag, author, offset, order by date, alphabetical, post views. You can display featured posts only.

Custom post type and custom taxonomy is available in this query section. In case you has deep understanding of WordPress query, you can write your own query string.

Control On Each Pixel

The Fox includes custom control to let you adjust column, alignment, layout or spacing between elements in each pixel as you want across all devices: desktop, tablet, mobile.

The Fox Elementor Layout Options
The Fox Elementor Font Color Controls

Font - Color Controls

Each addon element has its own Style tab to let you total control over typography and color of components: Post title, post excerpt, meta, link.. As other Elementor elements, you can use either your own predefined color scheme or a custom color.

7 Thumbnail Styles

You can choose over 7 thumbnail styles as well as set its border, size, border radius, custom placeholder thumbnail for articles without thumbnail.

Specifically, you can set custom hover logo for your thumbnail to show your logo/branding.

The Fox Elementor Thumbnail Options
The Fox Built-in Page Builder

The Fox Built-in Homepage Builder

In case you don’t want to use any third-party page builder, The Fox offers you the built-in homepage builder with drag-drop feature, unlimited building blocks and an extremely-intuitive interface right in your Live Customizer.  This is not much powerful as Elementor but It’s very intuitive and you can understand it from the first sight. Most of demos comes with both options for you to choose from. Homepage builder is explained in theme documentation, watch video.

Built-in Builder Interface

Intuitive and well-organized set of settings for each homepage building block.

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