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Prebuilt Demos

Below demos are just examples. More to come in the future and you can mix their features. If you see one feature in a demo, you can use it in any other demos. All demos are included in the download package and ready to import in 5 minutes.

People Love The Fox

Fox is a great, flexible theme. I have no problems with it at all, updates are regular and make the theme better. However, the coolest feature is the great support that will always help. I have never been disappointed and left alone with problem. Thank you Cuong for your work and help. Thanks to your approach, I feel safe in using the theme, I will probably build the next website also on one of your themes.
Envato User
Envato User
I’ve had my eye on this theme for sometime now and finally ended up purchasing - something that I will never regret which is more than I could say for most of my other Envato purchases. The developer(s) of the TheFox theme are brilliant as they have paid special attention to detail when it comes to coding and ensuring it is optimised for page speed; which is extremely important. The theme overall is fantastic. There are many features and I feel that this theme offers more value for money. I am pleased with everything so far but do hope the developers add our requests to the updates. Kind Regards Henry & Team
Envato User
Envato User
Fantastic support and technical assistance! Excellent communication and education and very well developed themes. I have already bought two and I am buying a third one for my business. I fully recommend buying from this author and using the support, you will not regret it.
Envato User
Envato User

You are not building website alone

Nearly 5,000 customers have experienced The Fox and the theme has been developed and proven by time. We also constantly add new cool features to the theme. Also, we ofter professional help when you need.

Built-in Home Builder

Right in Customizer

You can customize both your site style and home page in one place. Don't need to waste time switching views like Elementor or backend Options.

Fast because It's built-in

The Fox homepage builder is super-fast both frontend and backend while It's designed and optimized only for The Fox theme with no redundant elements, no redundant styles, scripts..

Rich layout options

From 5 basic blocks: Grid, Masonry, List, Carousel and Group you can build up almost all modern magazine layouts with your own imagination and creativity.

Ton of options

1,000+ options for each section. You can customize nearly every single pixel of your section: spacing, background, title font, weight, color, border..

Powerful Option Set

The Fox uses built-in WordPress Customizer for Option Panel and take all of its advantages

Intuitive Customizer

What you change is what you get. Everything takes effect immediately and you don't need to refresh your site when customize it. Building your dream website has never been more fun.

Rich set of options

With 1,500+ options accross all aspect of your sites, Fox allows you to customize almost every little details of your site

Quick Search for options

With a search panel integrated, you can search for options easily with The Fox. This is an exclusive feature. Not many themes have this convenient search bar.


You can easily export your set of options to use later or bring to another site. It's easy to manage and migrate.

Intuitive Header Builder

Header builder is integrated into Live Customizer. Easy to access.Easy to understand.

  • Drag / Drop Header Elements
  • Different headers for Desktop and Mobile
  • Set background, border, padding..
  • Set your own layout

Why The Fox so fast?

How we made the Core Engine to make it super fast?

How a normal theme loads

How The Fox loads

High Performance

In-depth analyze why The Fox is the best choice for Speed, Performance and SEO.

How The Fox handles CSS?

A normal theme would load style.css file. It's just easy for developer but for Google and visitors, this file is often way too heavy to load because it puts all CSS pieces into a single file. It's like you have to bring your closet to the party instead of only necessary clothes and accessories.

The Fox CORE instead has an advanced algorithm to load only necessary CSS files to render each page, and it loads only visible CSS parts (called Above-the-fold CSS or Critical CSS) to deliver content as early as possible to visitors. You often see this technique on big news site or famous apps like Facebook, Twitter..

How The Fox loads images?

It loads only the 1st image of your website and puts everything else in "lazy" load mode. Also, The Fox is compatible with "Imagify" - a plugin allows you to put your images in *webp format recommended by Google.

How The Fox loads icons?

While other themes load 1,000+ icons and use only a few of them, and It's very costly in performance while visitors have to wait for all 900+ icons being loaded for nothing, The Fox loads only necessary icons: Only 50 icons will be used in the theme: search, bar, facebook, twitter, X..

Handle 10,000+ posts

The Fox theme has been used for websites having 10,000+ posts without any problem. We optimize everything we can optimize for the core queries.

Great features packed

Why should you trust The Fox?


WooCommerce Ready

Building a 100% FREE online shop with FOX + WooCommerce. The Fox is 100% WooCommerce compatible and we ensure you can sell online easily with The Fox.
View Demo Shop

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

The Fox is 100% responsive, fast and optimized for mobile view.


1,500+ Customizer Options

The Fox has been loved by thousand of customers for its flexibility. You have ton of layouts to choose and each layout has ton of options to play around WITHOUT Coding knowledge. Show/hide almost everything and all options have local/global version (ie. all posts or per-post)​

Font Upload

Custom Font Upload

You can upload your own font (self-hosted font *woff files) if you have your own font files or you don't want to use Google fonts.​

Not Ended Yet

Little things make your life easier

7 Gallery Styles

The Fox supports custom gallery post type with 7 gallery styles for single post: slider, carousel, tile metro, grid.. and custom Lightbox when clicked

Dark Mode

If you're a sustanable person, The Fox comes with Dark Mode that you can enable with single-click

Text Logo

The Fox has option to set logo as text logo to improve SEO and make it lightweight or in case you just need a simple logo. Full typography control over the text logo.​

Co-Authors Support

The Fox is rare theme that supports Co-authors Plus plugin that allows you to have more than 1 author per post or have guest author.​

Multilingual Website

The Fox supports Multilingual Websites. If your site needs 2 or more languages, The Fox supports multi-languages plugins like WPML, Polylang..​​

Ads Spots

The Fox has been used by many many sites for Adsense. The Fox comes with multiple ads spots: header before/after logo, footer, sidebar, before post, after post.. or any place you want with the builder.​​


The Fox supports both single installation and multisite installation. You still need only 1 theme license for multisite. In fact, the theme demo is a multisite example.​

Online Documentation

The Fox offers dedicated & comprehensive online documentation you can access quick & easy.​


What's included with my purchase of The Fox?

With your purchase of The Fox, you will receive:

  • 6 months of free top-notch support.
  • All 30+ prebuilt demo templates and all newly added future demos.
  • Free lifetime theme updates with detailed theme documentation and tuturials
  • The Fox is compatible with with popular 3rd-party plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WMPL, Comtact Form 7, Polylang, Loco Translate popular Security and Cache plugins.

Are all demos included?

Yes, all 30+ demos are included in 1 purchase and you can use any of them.

Are there any recurring fees?

No, there are no recurring license fees for The Fox. It is a one-time purchase and you don’t need to pay to access future theme updates and future theme features, demos.. A license comes with 6-month support. If you wish to support theme or you need further support, you can renew after that but It’s totally optional.

What if I run into problem with the theme?

After purchasing The Fox, you’ll be able to access dedicated support desk that offers technical help. Direct theme author with 10-year experience in WordPress since 2013 will answer your question. Straight to the question. A lot of times, customers only need one answer to resolve their problems quickly instead of countless non-sense replies.

Can I use one feature of this demo in other demo?

Yes! All demos are just different configurations of single theme: The Fox. If you see any feature, layout, style.. of some demo then it can be used in any other demos. For instance, if you see posts 3-column square grid of the demo John, you can also you that feature in demo Pine. In fact, you can build your own site with your own skills.

Is Elementor or Elementor Pro requried?

No. The Fox works by itself. Elementor and Elementor Pro are not required. The Fox has its own homepage builder which is faster and optimized for Magazine/News.

Tomorrow’s success starts today.

One-time payment. Lifetime Updates. 6 or 12 months Top-notch support. 30+ meaningful Demos included. ZERO coding skills required.